The Southern Atlantic Conservatory of Music is committed to providing music and collaborative arts outreach to high needs, underprivileged, and minority communities through summer programs, a community school for elementary and secondary students, and expansive internships for all Conservatory students both nationally and abroad. Music and Arts outreach should not just be limited to gifted artists as arts exposure and experiences can profoundly affect everyone’s life. Our unique mission is dedicated to bringing music and cultural activities to underserved areas throughout the region, country, and world.


Our conservatory curriculum will include the participation by all students of two (2) summers in local outreach music programs for elementary, middle, and high school students in and around the Charleston area. The programs will provide aspiring artists, including underprivileged and minority students, with a positive arts experience while providing invaluable experience for the pedagogical component of our Bachelor’s degree.


As part of our unique curriculum every student will complete a one-month global internship where they will lead lessons, classes, rehearsals, recitals, and masterclasses. These locations will include areas such as, but not limited to, Africa, South America, Latin America, and rural communities in the United States.


A year-round offering of music lessons and classes for local and regional students of all ages. SACM plans to open this no or low-cost community outreach opportunity in the Summer of 2023.


SACM is committed to forming alliances with and opportunities for local fine arts and public-school faculty and students and other arts organizations through exchange programs, masterclasses, and concert participation opportunities.


Our academic institution intends to partner with local colleges and universities for required academic courses.


SACM will open its facilities to the public as a venue for performances for world-class musicians of any genre – classical, pop, jazz, etc. to benefit the community and the student population.