The Southern Atlantic Conservatory of Music was founded and organized by current, former, and retired educators, exceptional musicians, and businesspeople who have the incredible desire and vision to be part of something unique, innovative, substantial, and productive. We believe the arts has an indescribable impact on society. Nothing drives the economy of the world forward more than creativity and there is nothing that drives creativity more than the arts. We also recognize and have experienced many of the issues in today’s system of higher education: politically, financially, and program development. We are proposing a new model for arts education that addresses:

  • The extraordinary and continuously increasing costs
  • The need for an enticing, unique curriculum to ensure success in a highly competitive musical environment
  • The opportunities to affect arts education, awareness, and leadership locally, regionally, and globally through numerous outreach programs.


  • Tuition-free, self-sustaining higher education institution
  • World class programs for: Strings/Winds/Percussion/Piano/Voice featuring Orchestral/Chamber Music/Chamber Winds/Jazz and Contemporary Combos
  • All degrees concentrate on both performance and pedagogy with a required entrepreneurial/marketing component and required local, regional, and global outreach components.
  • Contribute globally to underprivileged communities/students – All degrees will require a 1-month outreach internship to an approved destination to include certain locations in Africa, South America, rural areas in the United States, etc.
  • Contribute locally/regionally through summer outreach programs providing practical experience for the pedagogical component of all degrees.
  • World Class Faculty who aspire to the pursuit of excellence
  • Premiere location in a coastal SC community (Charleston Area).

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